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Curewize Health Ltd. commercializes leading-edge technologies for personalized treatment of cancer patients. Curewize is positioned with an accurate, industrial standard proprietary platform technology for producing precision medicine and diagnostic lab tests.

Curewize has a pipeline of lab tests, all based on miRNA. The pipeline supports its objective to be a leading developer and marketer of miRNA products improving patient quality of life and survival rate, while generating substantial revenues and creating shareholder value.

The Company's lead product is ProALLBM a groundbreaking lab test for deciding on the treatment intensity of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. ProALLBM is a standardized lab test ready for production and trial utility with medical organizations. ProALL will gain fast market entry via CLIA labs in USA and CE in Europe and India. ProALL has the advantage of a receptive market with validated patient need.

Curewize is forming partnerships for the development of miRNA lab tests for diagnosis and personalized medicine of cancer patients. Curewize pipeline includes the ProALL blood test for frequent and long-term monitoring of patients and a companion diagnostic test for precision treatment of solid cancers. 

Curewize gains value from its own proprietary platform technology, large biomarker pipeline for several cancers and management experienced in successfully taking a lab test from concept to sales.

Curewize systematic approach to clinically developing and commercializing proven biomarkers is associated with much less risk than other biotechnology companies that use funds for discovering novel technologies.

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