ProALL BM Test

Chemotherapy and other treatments have greatly improved the survival of leukemia patients, though intensification of therapy comes with the heavy cost of  increased risk to long-term health problems especially in young patients. For this reason oncologists treat patients according to "treatment risk groups" varying from standard to high, thus ensuring patients' survival and minimizing risk to chronic health conditions such as lung problems, cognitive impairments, heart disease and secondary cancers.

ProALLBM is a pre-treatment lab test for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) patients. The test helps identify the aggressivity of the ALL patients' disease, and the level of treatment intensity required for the ALL patient's survival, while minimizing unneccessary risk to chronic health conditions. ProALLBM  assay measures microRNA in a single bone marrow sample from diagnosis. Results are ready within 3 days of diagnosis. 

ProALLBM is nearing regulatory approval. The kit can be ordered for research use by writing to

For collaborative research and partnering enquiries write to The ProALLBM  kit can be sent free of charge for preliminay trial testing of B-ALL patients at your medical center.

ProALL Kit

ProALLBM lab test is for deciding on the personalized treatment plan of ALL patients. ProALLBM results can be used by the physician as a predictive tool to help  decide on the intensity of the leukemia patient's treatment also known as  the risk based treatment group that varies from standard to high. ProALL Provides Physician a tool for early precise treatment decisions even before induction therapy

Till regulatory approval the ProALLBM lab test can be ordered for  research use only.

The  lab test uses Curewize miRNA platform technolgy for measuring two miRNA in a single bone marrow (BM) sample taken at diagnosis. The ProALLBM lab test reveals ALL patients risk for relapse or event within three days of diagnosis as opposed to current practice MRD lab tests that can take up to three months before revealing the patient's risk to relapse and optimal treatment route and requires 2 to 4 BM samples taken at different time-points. 

Personalized Treatment

ProALLBM Lab Test Highlights

- Based on Published Findings on Three Independent Patient Treatment Groups (Avigad et al., 2016 and Yarden et al., 2018). 
- Measures two miRNA using standard RT-qPCR instrument.
- Predicts ALL Relapse/Event Risk > Decide on Standard or Intense Treatment Protocol.
- Predicts ALL Patients who do not respond to established therapy and may benefit from novel treatments such as CAR-T.
- Universal, accurate, robust and rapid.
- Game Changer for ALL risk based treatment with results available before Induction Therapy.
- Planned to reach regulatory approval in early 2019.
- Is standardized and ready for research use only - write to

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