The ProALL lab tests predict relapse risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients. The test measures the levels of three microRNA molecules. ProALL BM test is a prognostic assay measuring microRNA in bone marrow taken for the diagnostic procedures. ProALL Blood test is monitoring assay measuring the microRNA in blood samples taking during and after treatment. Results from ProALL BM are used for deciding on intense or standard treatment for the leukemia patient. Results from the ProALL Blood test are used for detecting molecular relapse before clinical relapse, so the window of opportunity for successful treatment is not missed. ProALL will save and improve the quality of life of young cancer patients, taking a 20-year-old art to the state- of-the-art of the 21st century. 


ProALLTM Prognosis

  • ProALL was discovered, designed and validated in 3 studies.
  • ProALL results are accurate and available within 2 days of diagnosis instead of 1 to 3 months.
  • ProALL adds unique prognostic information on the ALL patient not found in MRD and other prognostic factors.
  • ProALL prognostic assay is planned to reach regulatory approval during Q4-2017.

ProALLTM Monitoring

  • MRD has questionable monitoring ability due to undetected changes in the leukemia cell (Choi et al., 2007).
  • ProALL Monitoring ability was proven.
  • ProALL levels rise in remission and decrease before and during relapse.
  • Early detection and timely treatment can prevent imminent relapse.
  • A retrospective and prospective clinical trial will allow the translation of ProALL to clinical practice.

Companion Diagnostic Test

Curewize is performing groundbreaking research on the development of a companion diagnostic test for several cancers. Stay tuned for more information on our exciting new products.

Pipeline based on our Platform Technology

Curewize has created an accurate industrial platform technology for producing predictive and diagnostic assays based on microRNA. Curewize is discussing with several potential partners the industrilization of groundbreaking microRNA test using our platform technolgy. Curewize's infrastructure and know-how will allow the fast and efficient market entry of a large portfolio of products.


Curewize Roadmap