Curewize Goals and Strategy

Curewize is a leader in the field of personalized medicine, diagnostics and predictive medicine. The Company's goal is to improve the survival rate and overall health outcome of cancer patients.  Our proprietary platform technology measures microRNA (miRNA) profiles in patients’ biofluids. MiRNAs control gene activity, and are considered superior biomarkers for diagnosis and personalized treatment decisions due to their direct link to cancer mechanisms and stability in human biofluid samples. The company’s initial product is ProALL, a groundbreaking lab test for deciding on the intensity of treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. 

Lead Product 

The ProALL bone marrow (BM) lab test is our lead product, measuring the level of three miRNA molecules in samples taken at the diagnosis of ALL. ProALLTM assays will change a complicated and lengthy process of deciding how to treat a leukemia patient to a clear and simple process.

ALL patients are treated according to their risk to relapse, which is determined by a complex test that quantifies leukemia cells, with results 1-3 months after starting treatment. ProALLBM predictive test reveals patient’s risk to relapse, 1-3 days from diagnosis, thus eliminating the need to wait and see. ProALLBM answers the need for a more rapid, straightforward and less expensive lab test. ProALLBM is based on pioneering research from Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel. The lab test was developed and validated on patients from Israel, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Curewize is nearing the completion of the clinical validation of the ProALLBM test on a large European cohort. During 2017, Curewize will work towards the regulatory approval of ProALLBM and tranfer of the assay to a service laboratory for offering to treating physicians.

 Product Pipeline

             Curewize Pipeline